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  • ashton | birth

  • When one of my best friends announced her pregnancy, with her third, she asked me to photograph the birth of this bundle of joy. I was nervous, and excited. I have never witnessed a birth before, though I have birthed my own daughter, it was via c-section and I was knocked out under general anasthet[...]
  • c | newborn

  • Not long ago, I blogged a gorgeous maternity session with Sherry and Nick. It was one of my favorites, and I was so excited to see what this little guy would look like. He came with speed, though he was breach, so Sherry and Nick went through a fast, and very intense birthing process. C arrived into[...]
  • mike + wendy | married

  • Mike and Wendy's gorgeous two daughters have been on my blog several times before, and still remain in my portfolio. When Mike and Wendy decided to tie the knot (after two babes!) she inquired about my availability right away. I was excited because I really love working with Wendy she is so trusting[...]
  • patrick + jessie | married

  • Jessie has been planning her wedding for the better part of 2 years, and it was near the beginning of these plans that she decided to hire me. She contacted me, through flickr I think, and told me that when the time came, she will be seeking my services. She said no other would suffice. She was seri[...]
  • chris + kirsten | married

  • When Kirsten got engaged, I was ecstatic for her, being a friend from high school that I always adored though we lost touch. I was so touched when she told me she wanted to hire me to photograph her wedding to Chris. I couldn't wait to see her again, and meet Chris! I traveled to Duncan for her wed[...]
  • baby L | newborn

  • Big brother E was so so so proud of his little brother. More excited about Chugginton on tv right now though... Little brother L snuggles up to mommy. Go to sleep little buddy! Teeny little details, I love them so much!!! A good photo session is knowing you came away w[...]